Get RX7 Certified In This Online Course Developed With iZotope

Learn everything you need to know about iZotope's RX7 suite - follow the live course, ask questions and receive official certification when you pass!  

iZotope's RX7 is an industry-leading suite of audio repair and restoration tools that's used across the industry for everything from music production to audio forensics. Now, you have a chance to get officially RX7 certified online, from the comfort of your own home.

This live, 3-day, 3 hours/day interactive certification class has been developed in collaboration with iZotope and is a great way to master RX’s powerful tools and let the world know that you're an iZotope RX 7 expert. The class is priced at $299.99 with payment plans available, and consists of three live lectures and one course. Click here to enrol now and claim your place:

Class Dates and Times

When: November 1, 8 and 15*
Time: 2pm Eastern Time (11am Pacific and 8pm Central European Time)
*Can’t make all the lectures? No problem, every lecture is archived and available to all registered students.

iZotope RX7 Certification

This class is geared toward musicians, engineers, post pros and producers. Led by RX trainer Matthew Hepworth, students will participate in interactive 48k audio/HD video streaming classes and will be challenged by real-world audio repair assignments and quizzes. Upon successful completion students receive an Official NonLinear Educating RX 7 Certificate of Completion. Seats are limited.

You will need access to the RX 7 Standard software. iZotope will provide temp software if yout don’t have a copy. Upon passing the quizzes and repair assignments, students receive a ready-to-frame, official NLE iZotope RX 7 Certification. 

Click here to enrol now and claim your place - seats are limited:

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