Get Ready for LightLead, World 1st Analog Optical Audio Cable

Imagine the future audio cable you'll never need to replace that transfers audio signals via light. That's just some of what Iconic Sound’s analog LightLead can do today. And now you can help bring it  

When Toby Pitman reviewed an early prototype of LightLead back in November 2014, to say he was impressed is an understatement. Here’s a couple of quotes from the review if you’re feeling too lazy to read the entire thing:

"I’m tempted to just believe it’s some kind of voodoo. No latency, no A/D D/A, just good old natural stuff like voltage and light!"
"Say goodbye to any ground loop issues like nasty hum and potentially hazardous ground lifting!"

OK. You get the idea, the LightLead is one of those products that comes along rarely which looks set to revolutionise the industry for guitarists, producers and engineers. Basically all of us. And now it's on Kickstarter and needs our support to help make it a reality.

LightLead doesn't use wire to send signals, it uses Analogue Light. Analogue Light isn't affected as it travels down the fibre. Electrical signals in copper cables add all sorts of mischief to the sound.

LightLead delivers:

  • Zero loading
  • Zero Capacitance
  • Zero Micro-phonics
  • 100% isolated from electrical shocks.
  • Consistent & reliable sound whatever the length No more crackling cables

Since our review, and having met the LightLead team at NAMM 2015, we’d highly recommend supporting LightLead and supporting a new way of transmitting sound in the studio and on stage.

Interested in supporting the next generation of audio cables? (You may well be involved in disrupting the current status quo)…

Here’s the Kickstarter page:

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