Get A Head Start Mixing Your Tracks With iZotope Neutron's Intelligent Mixing Tools

Wouldn't it be great if your mixing plug-ins could actually help you make better mix decisions? Watch Joe Albano as he explains how Neutron can do just that, with amazing end results!  

In this video from the complete course, Joe Albano explains how Neutron goes beyond the tools you might expect to find in any great channel strip and actually adds some incredibly powerful features to give you a head start on getting a perfect mix. Beginning with the Masking Meter, he shows how the intelligent analysis functions in the plug-in can identify where frequencies may be overlapping within two audio signals, and how you can fix this. 

Then you’ll learn about the Track Assistant, which analyzes the audio on a track and automatically creates the most appropriate chain of processors as a starting point for you to then make your own tweaks and adjustments. 


Joe goes on to show you the intelligent Learn function available in most of the processors which is able to suggest where you might want to place things like EQ points and in multiband mode, optimal compressor band crossover points and similar parameters. You’ll also get a sneak peek of the Track Assistant, which not only suggests settings but can actually dial them in for you!

Watch the complete iZotope Neutron video course in the AskAudio Academy here

About This Course 

Who better to teach Neutron than our audio expert Joe Albano? Joe takes you through every aspect of this powerful channel strip by our friends at iZotope. In this course you learn about Neutron’s underlying intelligence, its multidimensional GUI and all of Neutron’s full-featured channel strip modules. Joe explains how the modules and built in intelligence work and then he shows them in action so that you see and hear how they integrate to enhance all aspects of a mix.

Learn about Neutron’s modules:

  • EQ
  • Dynamic EQ
  • The Compressors
  • Transient Shaper
  • Exciter
  • Limiter

Then see Neutron's intelligence! Namely, Neutron’s Intelligent Mixing tools and the virtual Track Assistant. Joe explains how having these AI features will help you zoom-in on the subtle, yet powerful adjustments that you can implement to give your mix that special something that only the top recording mixers know how to get! In fact, if you're already a pro, these features will save you time (and ear fatigue) by giving you excellent mix starting points for all your tracks. 

Watch the complete Mixing With iZotope Neutron video course in the AskAudio Academy here.


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