George Fitzgerald on Embracing Errors and Imperfections in Electronic Music Production

George Fitzgerald make electronic music less predictable, perhaps even more organic. Learn more about his process and his ways to make the most of his Korg, Roland and Moog synths and drum machines.  

George Fitzgerald showed Slices TV around his studio filled with some tasty monophonic and polyphonic synths, pedals, racks and a Mac running Ableton Live. “FitzGerald made a strong entry onto the world's dance floors through labels like Hotflush, Aus Music and his own ManMakeMusic, and then he threw away the rule book to deliver a stellar debut LP titled Fading Love on Double Six/Domino Recordings.”

Of interest in this interview is how Fitzgerald explains his concept of embracing errors and imperfections when creating music. He's gone against seeking perfection at every stage of the creation process, instead preferring to celebrate and use interesting mistakes that arguably add character to computer-created music.

Check out the full video interview here, featuring some of his tracks from Six/Domino Records:

He goes on to explain, “I found it really liberating to hit record straight away, get the audio down, find the bits I like and mesh them together into something way more interesting that doesn't sound sterile, it's got errors all over the place. It's got timing imperfections… like when you unplug something by mistake and it makes a funny noise in the reverb. Those are all special moments, sometimes, that sound great on a record.”

George Fitzgerald explores the limitations of some of his hardware and how the Moog can sound bland in some situations, but for “filling the bottom end” it just hits the mark. In the same vein, processing original 909's are important. They're not going to sound like you think out of the box. “You have to find good preamps, or some bit of gear… to give it that sound that people really like.” Further on in the video George explains the concept of diminishing returns for adding tech gear to his studio. 

All in all a very interesting 8 minute interview and worth watching!

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