Amongst the most renowned of audio monitor manufacturers, Genelec have created an innovative iOS app to help all studio musicians. Rory Dow tests out SpeakAngle for iPhone.  

GENELECは世界でも有数のオーディオモニターメーカーの一つです。彼らはただのリリースを発表しましたSpeakerAngle 、誰もが正しくステレオおよび7.1サウンドスピーカーをサラウンドの両方の釣りを( "トーイン")を設定し、一致させることができます最初のデジタルツールであることを主張するiOSデバイス用のアプリケーションを。見つけることができます。


SpeakerAngle takes less than five minutes to use and could drastically improve your stereo imaging.



  1. Position both speakers at “zero-axis” (facing directly ahead - not angled)
  2. Place the iPhone (or iPad) on top of the left speaker and align the edges of the speaker and iDevice.
  3. Touch the left speaker in the app and “zero” it. This lets the app know that your speaker is at zero-axis.
  4. Physically rotate the speaker inwards whilst the iDevice sits on top. The speakers in the app will rotate too. When the speaker is in, the “industry recommended zone” (from 20 to 45 degrees) the app will alert you.
  5. Repeat for the right speaker. The app will alert you when both speakers are at the same angle.


Setting up a 7.1 surround system is a similar process, just with more speakers.







SpeakerAngleは、高度に技術的な何かを、正しい監視位置を取得する際には実際のブードゥーの魔法をtheresのが、全体のプロセスは少なく、その5分かかります(多分10あなたが指示を読んで含まれている場合)と、あなたのセットアップの向上に役立つことができません。 99セントで、そのは難しく、それをお勧めしない。

SpeakerAngleは、iPhone 4以降、iPad 2の以降およびiPod touchの第4世代以降と互換性があります。それはiTunesのApp Storeで利用可能になりましたわずか99セントの価格で。

Rory Dow is a musician, sound designer and writer. He spent 15 years as a freelance musician writing for television before side-stepping into music software production. The majority of his work is taken up as a trainer and sound designer for London-based software company FXpansion but he also likes to write music and articles and is a ... Read More


Bought this app months ago and can't say enough good things about it. It prevents embarrassing DIY techniques for speaker angling that I have tried to implement and failed miserably. At .99, it's a steal.

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