Friedrichs Audio has a summer sale.

Our friends at Friedrichs Audio have introduced some new VCV Rack modules and you can try them for FREE.  

Summer Sale

We love modular synths whether they're hard eurorack or virtual. These VCV modules from Friedrichs caught our attention.

Friedrichs Audio has a summer sale going on where you can get their VCV Rack modules at their lowest prices and even pick up a few for free. Popular modules East of Easel and the infamous Spikes are just $19 while the new Lexi complex oscillator and Graphs dual universal slope generator can be had for free.

A lot of value in a tiny footprint

There are four new modules introduced for the sale. Envil is a compact envelope bank. Lexi is a similarly compact complex oscillator. Swiss Vodka is a filter that can shred any sound with its powerful boost knob. Graphs is a compact and feature rich dual universal slope generator. Each of these modules brings a lot of value in a tiny footprint, and there are free versions of these modules available during the Summer sale.


New Modules

New Modules From Friedrichs

 Check out the full sale at the Friedrichs Audio Gumroad store...  now accepting Apple Pay. Gumroad Store

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Here's a video from our Make Noize 0-Coast course:

This is another great course by Raj. I didn't really take the time to read the manual so I am glad I watched this course because I've learned quite few tricks from it, which I will start including them in some of my workflows. Thank you for doing such a great job!

-Cristian C  


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