Free update to owners of SSO Woodwind and SSO Brass

Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra gives you the tools to create blockbuster symphonic works in a single package. This new update features Solo Flute and Solo Trumpet Total Performance patches.

This update (free to existing users) features a Solo Flute Total Performance patch and a Solo Trumpet Total Performance patch.

Easy to play and ultra intuitive, these instruments allow you to focus entirely on your composition, without the need to ‘stitch’ together performances.

Agile and intuitive, the updated Total performance technology allows you to crossfade between the dynamic and vibrato, and gives you more detailed control over your performance.

SSO Woodwind - Solo Flute

  • Responsive trills
  • 3 different legatos including slurs, runs and arpeggios

SSO Brass - Solo Trumpet

  • Muted feature
  • 6 different legatos including slurs, runs and arpeggios

Spitfire Audio will also be including a new play guide view to help you better understand the attack and overall.

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