GRATIS: Descargar Remix Tallos Para MPVHub guías expertos Remix Esenciales iBook

If you've bought the Remix Essentials iBook, then we've got a gift for you! Download the stems used in the book for your own remixing pleasure. Simply log in or sign up for a free MPV account and Go!  

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Nice touch with making the stems available guys - thank you.
Would have loved to see Mo's remix as part of the project though ;)

Yes, I know, I'm never satisfied.

Looking forward to the next book!
Thanks Gatesy! Glad to know you'll find the stems useful.

RE: providing Mo's remix... we thought about this... and came to the conclusion that it might be nicer to provide the original stems so you can all let rip!!

Also, including Mo's remix project at every stage of each chapter would've meant a huge file size... and may have excluded any non-Loigicians from the process too :)

Yes, we're really looking forward to the next iBook going live... in fact we've some other gems in production now too.

Just waiting on the next one to be approved by Apple. (I won't spoil the surprise by telling you what it is).

Thanks for your support!!


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