Free Music Tribe Lets You Buy & Sell Music Gear For FREE

There's a new online marketplace that like Reverb, allows you too buy and sell music gear and communicate with the wider community, except this is one is completely free to use. Guess who's behind it!  

Not content with having taken the synthesizer market by storm over the past couple of years, Behringer have set their sights on the online marketplace for buying and selling new and used musical equipment.

While eBay and are already very popular for those wishing to sell and buy their studio gear, there are naturally fees involved in the process. And that's where Behringer's Free Music Tribe sets itself apart. As its name suggests... it's free. According to CEO, Uli Behringer, you can sell and buy your gear. "All for free".

" is now in beta and for sure there will be many things to improve. However, we are committed to make this the most amazing place for you to buy and sell gear.

As a next step, we’re planning to implement buyer and seller protection systems, as well as improvements on the customer experience.

Why don’t you help us with comments and suggestions to make this the best marketplace?

Create an account and start posting your gear today!"

There are some pretty nifty prices for new Behringer synths too... for example, $279 for the Behringer D (new) and $369 for the Behringer RD-8 analog drum machine (also new). 

new synths at Free Music Tribe

Although in BETA, we can see that Free Music Tribe has a lot of potential to grow. Watch this space.




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Free from buyer’s and seller’s protection?

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