FREE MultiDrive Guitar Plug-In Effect Collection From Audified

Back on 11th March, our friends at Audified made their $19 legendary overdrive and distortion pedal emulation plug-in collection, MutliDrive, free for a limited time only!  

You’ll need to act fast-ish if you want to get eight of the most famous drive pedals and modeled circuits as a pedal collection plug-in suite for your DAW for free. Yes, that’s FREE. It’s normally $19 for the collection, but until the end of March you can get it for free. Nothing to lose. Free as in “free lunch”.

The collection simulates the following pedals: Brian May Booster, Dunlop MXR Distortion+, Pro Co RAT distortion, BOSS Overdrive OD-1, BOSS Super Overdrive SD-1, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808, BOSS Metal Zone MT-2. The companies themselves have not endorsed these plug-ins, so you might want to consider these as “inspired” by the hardware originals.

Here’s a short video on MultiDrive:

MultiDrive Pedal is free. Did I already mention that? So, simply follow the link below to download it (before March 31st). Simple.



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