Free Max for Live Synth: Flintpope's Mysterious Spotfield

A FREE synth for Max for Live lovers is available at Flintpope. The reincarnated Spotfield which, perhaps due to a unique control system and mysterious workings, was even featured on  

Nick Dwyer, the man behind Flintpope, let us know some good news about this reincarnated Max for Live synth, Spotfield. Firstly, it's been made available again. Secondly, it's FREE! Simply navigate to the Flintpope website and look for "Spotfield". Click and then enter 0 in the price/donation field.

Over to Nick:

Flintpope's Spotfield M4L Synth

"Back in the day, Flintpope were Whiteboxsynthmakers. I used to make M4L devices with names like Baconfist and Pixiphone, but most are now lost in the ether of the internet. However, I managed to salvage one recently- SPOTFIELD.

"It’s a synth with sixteen circles for controls: as Ableton said on their blog at the time “an air of mystery shrouds this device” but I managed to get back into it and create eight new presets (there’s 16 available plus however many variations you want to add via FX)."

Ableton Suite preferred. Max for Live required.

Listen to the Soundcloud Demo here: 

Simpler Pad Creator

In other news, SIMPLER PAD CREATOR is still only $1

Take a rack of four instances of SIMPLER, add a different sound effect to each then drop any combination of twenty four original Flintpope ambient and evolving samples onto this rack and play.

Then hit record and create your own unique pads. Then drop them onto this rack…

What’s the possible combination of samples in this set? Well… I think it’s 24 to the power of 4 which is a staggering 331776. And that’s before you start adding your own.

Listen to the Soundcloud demo here: 

Have fun!



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