Free MasterClass: Intelligent, Automatic Beats in Ableton Live 10

Go beyond the basics in Ableton Live with this free MasterClass where you can learn from a pro how to program an improvisational drumming system.  

Ableton Live is a great DAW for all kinds of music production but did you know it's just as good with experimental music as regular genres? In this FREE live MasterClass from Live expert Antonio Sage, you'll learn how to create intelligent, automatically generated beats in Live. Follow along and take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about another side of Live from a professional!

In this lecture, we are going to explore a few different options for developing rhythms in Ableton Live. The primary goal is to explore how we might be able to program an improvisational drumming system within Ableton Live.

We will feature a new "Automatic Drum Machine" called Boots N Kat's by Audioutlaw and how it can be used to generate interesting rhythmic ideas to inspire your creative workflow.

Topics will include:

  • Programming and manual clip playback
  • Using Follow Actions
  • Boots N Kats

So enrol today for free, and take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn advanced Live skills!

This lecture begns on Wednesday December 5th, 2018 at 11:00 am (PT) / 7PM (UK) / 8PM (CET) and is not to be missed!

Quick enrol for free here:

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