FREE Loops: Super Smooth & High-Res EDM Risers for Logic Pro X

You've heard them lifting the energy of a track to breaking point before the drop. We're talking about Risers. Darren Burgos has created high resolution 14-bit risers in Logic Pro for you to download!  

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This is a GOLD MINE, Darren! Thank you so much!
Darren Burgos
Glad you like 'em :)
Matt B
WOW this is great!! Thank you.
Man I agree really sick risers! Have used them in a production already. Great tutorial too!
Darren Burgos
Thanks Matt! Bigbreakmusic ...share a link here to the track when it's done, would love to hear it!
Hi, Darren. Great job! Unfortunately, Logic 10.3.2 crashes when I drag one of the AIFF files from the loop browser in. Are you familiar with this issue. It worked fine in any older version of logic.

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