FREE: Logic Pro Synth Presets: Mixed Bag, Vol.1

And we're half way through our Xmas Gift giveaway on Day #4. If you're a Logic user, then this one is for you. Download these free synth presets now. Simply login or sig up for free to do it.  

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Perhaps you should post installation instructions to those of us who are newbies?
Hi ecophobic, I've just updated the article to include instructions for installing the presets :)

Hope this help,
the download link doesnt work. Could you fix it please? :)
Hi Tej0

I've just double checked both the download links in the article and they both work great. Are you trying to download on a Mac? Which browser?
Could not find how to "Click-hold on the Channel Strip Settings button"... No AAM menu on my list...
Hi Serge, ok. Just create a software instrument and open the Library. Then navigate as per the image above.

If you've placed the folder in the correct location you should be able to see it there...
Oh... folder... not files :) that must be the reason
On Yosemite I had to install the files in ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Channel Strip Settings/Instrument
When I navigate to the "Logic" Folder within the "Application Support" folder there is no "Channel Strip" folder. Am I in the right place?
Im using Mac and Safari. Isnt the problem fact that im from Czech Republic? :)
Hi Tej0, I just tried it and all is working fine. The download is very quick as these are just presets... could you double check in your Downloads folder?

We love the Czech Republic... :)
And these free gifts are open for everyone. If you still can't download them let me know via our Support area and I'll see what I can do for you personally.

Have a Happy Christmas!!
- Rounik

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