Free Live MasterClass - Performing Your Sound Design with Reformer Pro

Join the developer of this unique sound design plug-in for a free, hands-on MasterClass where you'll learn how to turn any sample into a Foley effect - and more.  

Reformer Pro is a unique tool for taking your own sounds and turning them into Foley effects. When we reviewed it recently, we were suitably impressed by its capabilities. Now, Matthew Collings from Krotos Audio will be giving a FREE live online MasterClass to show you how to use this powerful software to get the results you want. 

Click Here to enrol now and watch this MasterClass for free! It takes place Thursday June 7th, 2018 at 11AM (PT) / 7PM (UK) / 8PM (CET)

Performing Your Sound Design with Reformer Pro

In this MasterClass lecture, Matthew Collings will unleash you from the shackles of your mouse and keyboard, showing you how to design, automate and perform any sound effect in real time using Krotos’ innovative Reformer Pro plug-in. In addition to a variety of significant new features and improvements, the all new Reformer Pro now utilises the world’s first Dynamic Input technology, taking procedural, sample-based audio into previously unexplored territory.

Click Here to enrol now and watch this MasterClass for free! It takes place Thursday June 7th, 2018 at 11AM (PT) / 7PM (UK) / 8PM (CET)

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