FREE DIY Modular Synth Secrets Live Masterclass With Erica Synths

Join synth expert and Erica Synths main man Girts as he shares his many years of experience and shows you the secrets of building awesome DIY synths.  

Erica Synths is one of the most innovative companies making Eurorack and other modular hardware synthesizers in the world today. If you have ever wanted to get into the world of DIY synth construction for yourself, there's some great news! Girts from the company will be giving a FREE webinar today at 12pm Pacific Time / 8pm UK / 9pm CET on the subject of building your own systems. 

Over the past 7 years Girts from Erica Synths has spent over $10k on building DIY modular and standalone synths from virtually every manufacturer around. In this AskAudio Masterclass Girts shares his priceless DIY synth knowledge and experience. You’ll learn tips on improving the success rate when building DIY synth modules, and the tools and soldering tricks to make it happen. We'll cover a selection of reasonable and cost-effective tools for DIYers, THT and SMD soldering and techniques.

This live streaming Masterclass is NOT to be missed. Drop whatever you're doing at 12pm Pacific Time / 8pm UK / 9pm CET and log in for free.

And remember you there's live Q&A during the session!

Watch & Enrol for free here. 


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