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Reason's Parsec is a synth and a half! And you can make it even better with this awesome collection of sci-fi sounding dub patches... FREE at Create a free account/log-in & download.  

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WG Adults VI
thanks, great stuff!
Hi guys, for some reason Parsec is ignoring the patches I load (i.e. it keeps the default "Glistening"). Is this a bug?
Hey Brett!

Sorry you're having trouble! I spent some time on these bad boys, though. And, I want to make sure you can use them! Here are a few questions:

What version of Reason are you rocking?

Has Automator updated Parsec in a while?

When you press "Browse Patch" on Parsec, and choose "Cheap Hat", does "Glistening" appear as well?

Let me know, my friend! These patches are meant to be used!


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