FREE: AskAudio EZ Drummer MIDI Pack

Grab yourself a FREE MIDI pack for Toontrack's EZ Drummer, which includes 4/4 and 6/4 half time shuffles courtesy of Toby Pitman. Simply login or sign up with a free account and download them here.  

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Hi, just downloaded the MIDI pack, it seems that there are a few folders which are empty: "100@_Halftime_Shuffles", "101@_", "102@_4#4", "104@_" and "105@_6#4". Was this intentional?
For anyone asking. The empty folders are used to format the browser in EZD with spaces and titles. They are empty on purpose.
Oh ok, I see. Thanks!
Oh ok, I see. Thanks!
I can't find the preset ‘Ask Audio Shuffle Kit’. It's not included.
But the midi files rock.Thank You.
Do these midi files work in Superior Drummer 2.0 ? or Logic Drummer?
@Kensmith The preset was in the files I submitted. Just contacted Rounik to see where it went.

@Carey Yes, these files should work fine with SD2.0 (and probably Logic Drummer). You may have to play about with the velocity mapping for other kits but it shouldn't be to much hassle.

You may also have to remap a crash or two as well. Anything below C1 is usually not a GM Standard mapped hit.
Sorry about that... I've uploaded the preset file "Ask Audio Shuffle Kit" now... :)
Thanks Rounik, and thank you tobypitman for making this file.

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