FREE Ableton Drum Rack: Rhythm Wolf Mark of the Beats

Don't say you never get anything free... Here's a FREE Ableton Drum Rack sampled from Akai Pro's Rhythm Wolf analog drum machine just for you! Just create a free account and download it!  

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A cool rack. Similar free-ness for Ableton and native Instruments over here >
No, this is wrong install method
Isn't working on Mac
How so?
Not working for me either. When I click on the link, it downloads a zip file. When I click on the zip file, only a very small TextEdit file shows up, nothing else.
insta workin
insta Dworkin on mac

Hi it's working here fine. If when you download the file is a txt just rename it to .als.
I've changed the download so you're now downloading a folder. But follow the instructions and it should work just fine for Mac and PC.

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