Free Ableton Drum Rack Made 100% From Turntable & Vinyl Samples

This collection of vinyl samples from ModeAudio makes out their new Vinyl Drum Rack for Ableton Live. Better still, it's 100% FREE!  

It’s all well and good if vinyl goes HD as we reported earlier this week, but if that means sacrificing the crackle, hiss and hum it would be a shame. After all, there’s something about the sounds created by record players and vinyl records that lend themselves perfectly to music creation.

If you feel the same way, then fortunately ModeAudio have you covered. They love vinyl… Ableton Live, and “FREE”!

ModeAudio decided to make an entire drum rack out of turntable and vinyl samples for Ableton Live! Better still, you can download the whole thing, including 32 samples spanning kicks, snares, hi hats, claps, crackle, hiss and needle drops, a template Ableton Live 9 session plus the vinyl rack itself, for FREE below!

To make the rack, we took raw samples of record static, turntable spins and the needle falling into the groove and squashed, squeezed and skewed them into thumps, sweeps and sizzles - perfect for use as alternative kick, snare, hi hat and percussion sounds! Here's some quick dusty Hip Hop and House beats we cooked up with the rack and nothing else:

Download the FREE vinyl drum rack*!

*Make sure you've updated to Live version 9.6 to use the rack - the samples will still be available for use if you have an older version.

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