LIBRES: 20 x Lógica Presets Guitar Pro

Thanksgiving just got even better! We've got a FREE selection of 20 expertly created guitar channel strip settings for Logic Pro users. Simply log in (to sign-up is free too) and download them now!  

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Really nice! No one else gives free bonus content away like this! Y'all rock!
I'm not a newbie, but these are Amazing! Worth to check how the sound built in the modules. Thank you!
Very nice. There is at least one channel strip setting here for any guitar player - probably more.
Yeah! Toby Pitman (the creator of these Logic presets) is no stranger to big movie, TV, artist projects... he's pretty awesome when it comes to creating excellent musical sounds!

Nice job Toby!
i placed the presets in the track folder, but they don't show in logic- do i have to do something more? i'm using logic 9
I also have the same problem like vasilisa. I placed the files in the track folder, but nothing happend. Does anyone has a useful solution for my problem with Logic Pro X?
Thanks, It´s a great Job.
G-ds good
Does anyone know if there are more presets like this available either on this site or another? Thanks!
new to MAC, how do i get to these folders??? in the actual app or in finder??? so confused and new
This is so damn awesone. I was desperately looking for a Van Halen preset, now I got Jimi, too. All presets are mindblowing, if you don't wanna get too deep into Logic and just play your tune.
It's been a while since this article was written so things may have changed since then. I've followed the instructions by firstly copying the .cst files to /Users/carlca/Library/Application Support/Logic/Channel Strip Settings/Track and then to /Users/carlca/Library/Application Support/Logic/Channel Strip Settings/Track/AMM Guitars. Neither approach enabled me to see the new patches in the Logic Pro 10.4.1 Library or anywhere else for that matter. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
I am using Logic X and these presets do not show up at all. When I double click on them in Finder, it fires up Logic but then it says the file cannot be opened.

Is this legit or is this just to get email addresses?

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