Forget Software Plug-Ins, This Analog Tape Echo Machine Sounds Awesome

So you've got the tape delay emulation plugins in your conveniently digital VST collection? Good for you. But, this hardware cassette tape echo from the maker of the OM-1 synth will blow your mind.  

The OM-1 cassette synthesizer we recently featured on AskAudio has become a bit of a sensation in the music making crowd. For all the right reasons. If you thought the OM-1 synth was cool, then we think you’ll appreciate this awesome cassette tape echo machine Scott Campbell built.

If you like your echos and delays tripped out, organic and hands-on, then you'll love this tape echo. Doesn't matter if you're into Dub, psychedlic, EDM, IDM, experimental rock, whatever... this is one inspiring echo machine.

In this video on his Instagram page for Onde Magnetique, Scott Campbell shows off this cassette tape echo machine he’s built. It sounds just brilliant. (Please note this video is from 10 weeks ago, pre-OM-1 release.)

In this instance Scott is using his modded cassette tape echo machine with the Korg Volca FM.

Scott told us he might consider creating a new version of this echo machine in the future. But, for now, we think he’ll be focusing all his energies on fulfilling the OM-1 orders, which we believe has been very popular, so stay tuned to Onde Magnetique and AskAudio for more news...

Web: Instagram

Web: Onde Magnetique website (currently only features OM-1)


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