Forget Keyboards, SoundMachines Reveals New Synth Controller Concept

Soundmachines are coming out with a revolutionary new controller interface for synths and modular synths unlike anything you've seen before. Here's the pre-prototype of Arches explained.  

A performance interface template called Arches. That, in essence, what we're looking at here is a prototype template of the PCB for the upcoming Soundmachine controller interface for synthesizers and modular synth setups. Davide from Soundmachines explains the concepts behind how this controller will work for performers and players. 

During the next month this tactile interface should come to life. There'll be slider pads, 8 buttons and other touch areas, all which are pressure sensitive, and a small LED screen. You could use the touch surfaces as a keyboard style interface or do more weird and wonderful things using the step sequencer area in combincation with other elements of the touch surface.

Davide tells us Arches will also support wireless MIDI (MIDI over Bluetooth). 

Arches is inspired by Buchla interfaces and is an effort to improve upon the controller concept and become the center-point of the synthesists studio and performance setup.

Stay tuned to AskAudio and Soundmachines.

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