For The Next 4 Weeks Buy A Korg Prologue And Get A Free Electribe

Yes you read that right - buying a new Korg Prologue in the next 4 weeks entitles you to a free Electribe! Read on to find out how to claim this great offer.  

Great news for anyone based in the U.S and looking to enhance their studio setup. From now until December 15th, Korg USA is offering a free Electribe with every purchase of the company's Prologue synth! It's a great opportunity to get into Korg's world and save some money at the same time. Here's what they say about the deal.

"Prologue is the supersynth that combines colossal polyphonic analog with a first-ever customizable MULTI digital engine to help you create never-before-heard sounds. Now, when you buy either a prologue8 or prologue16, Korg will kick in with a legendary electribe Music Production Station. With 16 tracks, tons of sounds, multiple effects, and powerful sequencing capabilities, electribe has everything you need to produce complete tracks. Plus, it can even sequence your new prologue. It’s the whole production package!

This promotion is for the purchase of a new prologue8 or prologue16 within the US, from an authorized US KORG Dealer. Used or refurbished purchases do not qualify. A valid receipt dated between November 15th and December 15th, 2018 is required from your authorized KORG dealer. The Free electribe sampler can only be shipped to a valid US address."

Redeem this offer here:

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