Fluid Audio Launches 2nd Generation Coaxial Monitors - The FX Series

With its striking new industrial design, accurate imaging and off-axis response, the FX series is a worthy sequel to the Fader Series.

OSLO, Norway (January 14nd, 2019)  – Building upon the success of the FX8 8” Coaxial studio monitor, Fluid Audio now announces the 2nd generation FX80 monitor as well as the addition of the FX50 5” version.  Now featuring Class D amplifiers with high and mid frequency adjustment knobs, acoustic space, low frequency roll off and optimized composite cone woofers, the FX series delivers outstanding imaging and off-axis response…in a new, striking industrial design. 
DSP controlled crossover provides a perfect blending of the woofer to the soft dome tweeter and ensures that there is effectively zero variance amplifier to amplifier.

 “Ever since the FX8 was released 4 years ago, mixing engineers have really taken to our version of the coaxial design.  In the past, coax designs put the tweeter inside the voice coil space, and used the cone as a waveguide”, says Kevin Zuccaro, the ears behind the Fluid Audio brand and its owner.  “Although this makes sense, since the woofer cone is moving (as it produces low frequencies), you get a lot of mid and high frequency smearing and coloration.  Our waveguide is stationary, so it does not have the same issues”.

FX50/FX80 Highlights

  •   Seamless, transparent response in a compact footprint
  •   Very symmetrical off-axis response due to the coaxial driver
  •   5”/8” composite cone, low-frequency driver
  •   1”/1.2” Silk dome tweeter mounted in waveguide
  •   Bi-amplified 100Watt/140Watt Class D amplification
  •   Acoustic Space Control lets you calibrate the low frequency to your  mixing environment 
(0,-2 and -4db)
  •   Tweeter high and mid frequency trim control (+2db, 0, -2db )
  •   Low frequency roll-off (high pass) switch for optimum integration with subwoofers
  •  FX50 49Hz – 22kHz frequency response (+/- 3db)
  •   FX80 35Hz – 22kHz frequency response (+/- 3db)
  •   Front loaded slot port for directional (and predictable) bass response

“The problem with many studio monitors is that you have to really turn them up to hear the midrange and the vocals the way you need to in order to mix properly.  The beauty of our coaxial design is that this is not necessary.  With the inherent point-source aspect of the coaxial design, you get better phase alignment between woofer and tweeter…and a more natural sound, even at low volume levels.”—said Kevin Zuccaro.

The FX Series will be available in May with the following street prices:
FX50 ($149.99 USD MSRP / 149€ per unit) FX80 ($249.00 USD MSRP / 249€ per unit)

Web: https://www.fluidaudio.com

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