FL Studio's MIDI Processors Demystified

Liven up any MIDI part with just a couple of clicks using FL Studio's powerful MIDI processing tools. Rishabh Rajan shows you how in this quick video.  

FL Studio made its name as a MIDI sequencer and although it has developed into a complete audio production package, MIDI is still at the heart of what it does so well. In this short video from the course FL Studio 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide, Rishabh Rajan shows you how to use the DAW's built-in MIDI processors to liven up your tracks and create cool sequences and effects.

FL Studio 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide

He begins by creating an instrument, and then demonstrates how to access the MIDI generator menu, calling up a chord effect. Then by clicking on a single note he is able to automatically create an extended chord. The arpeggiator is next, and after applying it to the chords he created in the previous step you'll hear how in just a couple of steps, a cool sounding pattern has been created. By applying modulation to different parameters of the instrument in use, he is further able to enhance the movement of the sound.

This is just a small taste of what you can do with the MIDI processors in FL Studio - there's much more to learn and you can do so by following the links below and checking out the full course for a complete guide!

Watch the course FL Studio 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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