FL Studio 21.2 Out Now | Save on all editions and upgrades

FL Studio 21.2 is out and Image-Line are running a Black Friday promo so even more people can jump on-board FL Studio and create their best music!

FL Studio Black Friday promo

FL STUDIO 21.2 | We’re excited to release FL Studio 21.2. This major update introduces the highly-anticipated Stem Separation and FL Cloud - a landmark new service, made exclusively for FL Studio based on customer feedback. Also added are new features and tools for FL Studio, including Audio Clips for FL Studio Fruity Edition and Kepler, a new analog-modeling synth. All because we love your Lifetime Free Updates


To celebrate the release of FL Studio 21.2, all FL Studio customers get 1 Month of free full-access to FL Cloud. Just open FL Studio 21.2 and click the Sounds Tab in the Browser to get started. 

FL Cloud - Built right inside FL Studio, FL Cloud delivers:

  • Fully-integrated sample libraryA vast, ever-growing library of loops and one-shots, including exclusive Artist Packs, with all loops automatically synced to Project tempo.
  • AI-powered masteringMasters created in seconds, tailored with presets for all major genres and loudness-optimized for all major streaming and download platforms. 
  • Digital distribution Powered by DistroKid, an unlimited number of tracks can be released to Spotify, Apple Music, and all major digital platforms. 

There are several ways to use FL Cloud:

  • Subscription – Unrestricted, credit-free access to all features. Download any sound at any time without worrying about how many credits they have left, or whether or not they will expire. 
  • Free features –  A curated, credit-free library of loops and one-shots, plus unlimited use of mastering, using a Default genre preset.
  • Credit packs - FL Studio users and trial users can access any sounds from the full library, including Artist Packs, with the purchase of non-expiring credits.

While we believe subscriptions are a great way to provide ongoing content and online services, we would also like to reassure customers, FL Studio will always include Lifetime Free Updates and no one will be forced to use a subscription to use FL Studio. That is our promise to you.

FL Studio

  • Stem SeparationAvailable for FL Studio Producer Edition and above, splits any song or track into vocals, music, bass, and drums.
  • Kepler (Producer Edition) A painstaking recreation of an iconic analog synth from the 80s, included in FL Studio Producer Edition and above.
  • Vintage PhaserAll-new engine for Vintage Phaser (included with FL Studio Signature Edition and All Plugins Edition), featuring a Feedback Inversion control.
  • Audio Clips for Fruity EditionUp to eight Audio Clips available, allowing the addition of vocals and loops, plus, for the first time, complex audio chops and edits. 
  • Colored waveform customization– More detailed visualization of an Audio Clip’s frequency content.

The FL Studio 21.2 update is available now as a free download for all license owners and Trial users. 

To see the full list of changes since 21.1 check the Complete Change Log


About the Sale


  • Save 25% Off - FL Studio Producer Edition, Signature Bundle & All Plugins Edition
  • Save up to 50% Off Upgrades - Upgrading from Fruity, Producer & Signature all on sale. 
  • FL Cloud 1st-year Subscription Offer - Only $49 for the first year, save $30. $79.99 after that.



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