Logic Proの中の固定ドラム(Beat Detectiveのスタイル)

Fixing the timing of recorded audio, especially drums has fast become an essential staple for digital musicians and producers. But how can you mimic Beat Detective in Logic Pro? Is it easier in Logic?  

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This is a great tutorial but is it pre Logic 9 ? Is it now easier with flex time? What is the advantage of doing it this way?
That's a great question, and yes you could do this pre Logic 9. You can also use Flex to perform this task, and it might be faster once you are familiar with the routines, but the results are slightly different. When you use flex the audio in between the transients will be time compressed or expanded when quantised, potentially altering its phase coherence with other tracks - something that is relatively important with multitrack drums when trying to maintain audio quality. Asd always there are pros and cons to each method! Look out for a tutorial on this very subject in the near future - I will make sure I include this important point...


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