Fits Like A Glove? Second Skin Synth Is A Cool Wearable Music Synth & Controller

NAMM isn't the only place you'll find new and innovative music synths and controllers. [push_reset] has created her own glove synth/controller and it looks like a cool way to gesture control music.  

Second Skin Synth is a music / MIDI glove controller. Now Imogen Heap, rather famously, has been here and done it before with her glove. But, that doesn’t mean there’s no room at the inn for more glove controllers. It would be like saying “well, Novation or M-Audio have made a keyboard MIDI controller, so we don’t need any more keyboard interfaces, thank you...” 

Second Skin Synth. Fits like a glove?

Second Skin Synth. Fits like a glove?

According to Hackaday, musician [push_reset] wanted to make a wearable, gesture-based controller… and thanks to her textiles background she designed most everything from the conductive fabric, resistive paint and 3D printed parts. 

There’s sensors on the fingertips and touch strips along backs of the gloves and There’s actuators using potentiometers for each knuckle too. All this is powered by Microsoft’s Edison chip which she tells us is where you store the samples. And all is this results in a rather nifty way of controlling and performing music.

Here’s more details on how it works:

“This wireless glove triggers and manipulates sound using the Intel Edison's WiFi capabilities and the JavaScript libraries, Cylon.js (for interfacing with hardware) and Timbre.js. (sound generation). I made mine out of leather, but this can be made out of other materials, such as neoprene or boiled wool. Choose something that can be cut, but doesn't fray. The Edison Arduino breakout board is used, which is large, but has ADC, which is needed for analog sensor input. Until Intel comes out with something smaller, you may want to try Sparkfun's breakouts or another microcontroller that is smaller and can support WiFi.”

Via: Hackaday


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