Factoid Time Randomiser Lets You Create Endless Rhythmical Variations Of Audio Clips

This Max For Live device helps you to create new drum patterns on-the-fly, turn melodies into textures, randomize full mixes and much more.  

Factoid, a new Max For Live device from Isotonik Studios, uses machine learning to decompose a sound into a set of layers that are randomly shifted in time to change the temporal structure of the clip. Create new drum patterns on-the-fly, turn melodies into textures, randomize full mixes and experiment with any kind of sound!

Factoid is not a loop slicing device: based on the same machine learning decomposition engine than Factorsynth (matrix factorization), it is often able to extract components that overlap in time in the original sample. For example, in a drum loop, it can often separate snare from kick even if they play at the same time in the original clip.

When a clip is loaded into Factoid, it is analyzed using matrix factorization. This produces a set of waveforms (the layers or elements) that are displayed superposed, each one with a different color. Each of the waveform layers can individually be shifted in time (left or right) by clicking on the “randomize” button. The interface allows to choose the number of desired components for factorization, and to control the time randomization in terms of quantization and frequency contents.

Factoid is a lightweight and easy-to-use device intended for live performance: you can sync its output with the Live set’s tempo, and adjust the clip’s pitch, just as with regular clips on session view.

Price: £23.99 | €23.99 | $31.99 

Web: https://isotonikstudios.com/product/factoid-time-randomiser/

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