Exploring The Instruments Inside Air Music Tech AIEP 3 Complete

The Air Music Tech AIEP 3 Complete collection of instruments and effects is huge. How many of these can Joshua Casper cram into a 12 minute video? Not all of them... but at least you get a taste  

I had the honor of test driving all of the Air Music Tech’s AIEP 3. This is a seriously large bundle of VSTi, Effects, and Expansion Packs. And, by large bundle, I mean it.

  • Hybrid 3.0 – High-Definition Analog & Wavetable Synth
  • Loom – Modular Additive Synthesizer
  • Vacuum Pro – Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer
  • Structure – Multi-Timbral Sampler Instrument
  • Strike – Ultimate Virtual Drummer Instrument
  • Velvet – Vintage Electric Piano Instrument
  • Transfuser – Melodic & Rhythmic Groove-Creation Instrument
  • THE RISER – Synth-based Transition Designer
  • DB-33 – Tonewheel Organ Simulator
  • MINI GRAND – Acoustic Grand Piano
  • Fresh AIR Expansion – Presets for Vacuum Pro
  • Flux Transitions Expansion – Presets for theRiser
  • AIR Creative FX Collection PLUS – 28 Classic Audio FX
  • D. Ramirez Expansion – Presets for Hybrid 3
  • Marco Lys Expansion – Presets for Hybrid 3
  • Mark Knight Expansion – Presets for Hybrid 3
  • Rene Amesz Expansion – Presets for Hybrid 3
  • Tocadisco Expansion – Presets for Hybrid 3
  • Analog Trap Expansion – Presets for Hybrid 3


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Now obviously any sort of in-depth review of any one of these would take a bit of time, never mind all of them. So, I have decided to put together a short (12 mins) video of what I consider to be a few of the highlights of the pack. 

Keep in mind, that what I showcase here barely scratches the surface of what is found inside!

In the video you will find:

A demo of The Riser, which is a VSTi dedicated to risers, downshifters, whooshes and swells. I also get into how easy it is to invert, swap and randomize parameters delivering completely unique sounds with just a click.

The Rsier

A demo of the Mini Grand. This is one of the lushest sounding piano instruments I have heard in a long time. Easily taking my piano default instrument slot.

Mini Grand

A quick demo of the DB-33, which is a very realistic organ simulator, and a few of its resets. 


The Hybrid 3 took up a lot of time as it is a big analog and wavetable synth. The stock presets together with the Toolroom Records and Primeloops expansion packs have the preset library numbering in a thousand plus. You are sure to find inspiration and quickly!

Hybrid 3

The last part of the video I talk about the Air Creative FX Collection. This by itself has 28 effects. My favorite being the Nonlinear Reverb.

So, overall, I would have to say that the pack is worth the full price in general and a steal at 50% off. So, if you are looking for a literal library of sounds, fx and possibilities at a price just over that of one synth these days, this deal should be taken advantage of.

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Joshua Casper is an accomplished live performer, DJ, producer, and music educator. His specialties are centered in and around Ableton Live and Native Instruments. His educational material has been featured on Ableton.com and Maxforlive.com as well as a myriad of large music production websites. His music has been featured on Dubstep.ne... Read More


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