Exploring Maschine Mk3's Powerful New Browser

The new colour screens in the Maschine Mk3 hardware combined with the new capacitive touch controls make navigation and browsing simple. Watch Matt Cellitti explain why.  

Maschine Mk3 represents a huge leap forward in the design and performance of Native Instruments' flagship beat production platform. As well as streamlining all the features you know and love, it introduces a wealth of new stuff including a built-in audio interface, capacitive touch controls and two new, large screens. In this short video from the course Maschine Mk3 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide, Matt Cellitti focuses in on what the new screens bring to the party, specifically access to advanced browsing of your computer. 

You'll see how to browse and load different kinds of sounds, drilling down into subcategories and patches, all using the hardware without ever touching the mouse or your computer. You can also set favourites, load effects and much more. With the various different navigational techniques available, navigating your Mac or PC's browser is a breeze. Check out the full course to find out all there is to know about this powerful new system.  

Check out the full course Maschine Mk3 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide in the AskAudio Academy | askvideo.com | macProVideo.com

Maschine Mk3 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide 

NI’s Maschine is one of the best instruments out there for music makers, producers and performers. And with the latest generation hardware, it’s now better than ever! In this course, NI expert Matt Cellitti explores every aspect of this integrated hardware and software combo.

First, you get a brief history of Maschine, where you learn how the MK3 hardware improves over the previous models. Matt tells you all about the new features: the gorgeous high-res color displays, the bigger pads, the touch strip, and the audio/MIDI interface. Matt also gives you a tour of the interface, explains how to set up the preferences and how to quickly find the sound you’re looking for using the browser.

Next, Matt dives into all the fun stuff. He shows you how easy it is to record a beat, add chords, a bass line, and an arp pattern. In a matter of minutes, you can literally create a full-blown arrangement all from the Maschine controller, without every touching the mouse! You also discover all about recording audio, timestretching, slicing samples, using macros, exporting audio, and more…

So dive into this 21-tutorial course, and see how NI Maschine MK3 can forever change the way you produce music.

Check out the full course Maschine Mk3 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide in the AskAudio Academy | askvideo.com | macProVideo.com

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