Exploring Logic Pro X's Vintage Opto Modeled Compressor

In this video tutorial, audio expert Joe Albano, explores the Vintage Opto emulation mode in Logic Pro X's Compressor, including explaining the original Teletronix LA-2A with tips. Well worth a watch!  

This tutorial is a fascinating overview of the original hardware compressor Logic Pro’s Vintage Opto mode is modelled on. This video is from the complete course, Logic Pro FastTrack 104: Logic’s Compressors.

The most famous analog optical compressor is the Teletronix LA-2A which has been re-issued by Universal Audio and cloned by other pro audio companies in hardware and software formats. It is popular due to being able to apply relatively large amounts of gain compression without overly squashing the sound. Instead you end up with a fat and warm musical compressed sound.

Logic’s Compressor takes the LA-2A as its inspiration for the vintage Opto model. Joe explains it as “inspired by” because Apple didn’t try to emulate or model every single parameter and circuit. Instead they tried to capture certain characteristics of the analog original.

This video is from the complete course, Logic Pro FastTrack 104: Logic’s Compressors.

Course Overview

Joe Albano is the perfect trainer to explain and explore the ins-and-outs of Logic Pro’s family of compressors. In this laser-focussed FastTrack™ course, he divulges the inside info about which world class compressors they’re modelled after and then shows you how to best deploy them!

You learn every knob, button and meter that these Logic-only plugins have, on their newly redesigned faceplates. And along the way, you get a really solid primer on compression, side-chaining and even limiting techniques.

This course covers:

  • Vintage Opto
  • Studio FET
  • Vintage FET
  • Classic VCA
  • Studio VCA
  • Limiter
  • Adaptive Limiter

So dive into Logic Pro’s world of compression, with Joe Albano, and soon you’ll be making these retooled, bundled plugins your go-to dynamic processors on all of your Logic tracks. Also be sure to check out all of our Logic in-depth and Logic FastTrack™ courses in our ever-expanding library!

This video is from the complete course, Logic Pro FastTrack 104: Logic’s Compressors.

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