Explore The Good Stuff in Ableton Live 10 With DJ Kiva

Live 10 may be a couple of months off but we've had advanced access to it. In this excerpt from the free MasterClass, DJ Kiva shows you around some of the cool new features.  

Ableton only recently officially announced that Live 10 will be released early in 2018. Luckily enough, one of our in-house Ableton Certified Trainers, DJ Kiva, has had a copy of the beta version for some time. We asked him to give us an intimate tour of all the updates, upgrades and new features in one of our MasterClass sessions in the Ask Audio Academy. He agreed.

In the excerpt taken from that MasterClass, Kiva shows us around the arrangement view while he points outs some of the new features along the way. Be prepared to be excited.

Now, I’m going to save some of the goodies DJ Kiva to explain in the video, but just imagine shortcuts allowing you to just press “A” to see clip automation, “0” to mute highlighted clip regions, “R” to reverse highlight clip regions, fade handles always available, and, perhaps the biggest, most mind-blowing new feature…. You can now time stretch audio right inside the arrangement!!

DJ Kiva goes into all of those and more in just the clip. Imagine the rest of the hour-long MasterClass. He talks about the new Wavetable synth, the new Audio Effects, the new MIDI Effects, workflow improvements, better Max integration and much more!

If you are sufficiently intrigued, head over to the Ask Audio Academy to start streaming the full lecture right now for free!

Watch this and other FREE MasterClass lectures now in the AskAudio Academy

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