Explore The Buchla Easel Synth With Todd Barton

The Buchla Easel is a modular synthesizer quite unlike any other. In this short video, Buchla expert Todd Barton shows you around and explains how it works.  

The Buchla Easel is a truly unique instrument, one of the most amazing looking and sounding synths in the world. In this quick video, renowned Buchla expert Todd Barton gives you an overview of the way it works, distinguioshing between the two main modules: keyboard and sound. Within each one he then goes on to explain the structure and layout of the instrument. 

The Buchla Easel was the first all-in-one pre-patched modular synth and as a result, you don't need to do any real cable patching like you do with other synths. Instead, the emphasis is on performance and musicality and this really comes across in Todd's explanation of the way the instrument works. If you haven't seen or heard one of these before you're in for a treat! Check out the rest of the videos in the course for more depth on this remarkable instrument.

Watch the full course Buchla 102: The Easel Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Buchla 102: The Easel Explored

Electronic music instrument pioneer, Don Buchla, created the original Easel in 1973. It was the very first all-in-one, pre-patched West Coast style synth! Fast forward 40 years and now there’s the “NEW” Easel. It retains its core analog roots, but when mated with its iProgram card, companion iPad app and the new 218e keyboard, it becomes one of the best sounding and fun to play instruments out there.

This course by Buchla expert, Todd Barton, explores every aspect of the Easel, from its unique sound generation to its powerful controls, sequencing and programming. In essence, Todd has created the very first Easel Video Manual. Todd is an internationally recognized Buchla expert and performer, and he works very closely with Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments in designing patches and creating product documentation.

If you have an Easel or are thinking about getting one... or even if you're simply interested in modular synthesis, this course is for you! So learn everything about the 208 and the 218e modules, which together comprise the one and only Buchla Easel, in this very in-depth course by Todd Barton.

Watch the full course Buchla 102: The Easel Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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