Explore Reason's Powerful Dual Arpeggio Player Module

Take simple MIDI input and quickly create anything from acid basslines to complex arpeggiated sequences with this easy-to-use module in Propellerhead Reason.  

One of the coolest new features of Reason 9 is the Player Modules, which interpret and generate MIDI to help you create advanced patterns and sequences. In this 3-minute video from the course Reason FastTrack 100: Reason 9 New Features, Reason expert Hollin Jones gives you a quick tour of the Dual Arpeggio module. This easy-to-use yet powerful device can take simple MIDI input and turn it ino cool sounding melodies and sequences. 

Hollin demonstrates how to add and set up a Dual Arpeggio module and how simple held notes from your keyboard are transformed by the module into anything from stripped-down melodies to intense and complex patterns. You’ll learn about the relationship between the two separate sections of the module and how to use one or both to get amazing, tempo-synced results. Take your MIDI tracks to the next level!

Watch all the videos in this Reason 9 course here.

Reason 9 New Features

The Propellerheads have been hard at work creating cool new tools for Reason 9. And that’s why we asked Reason expert Hollin Jones to teach them to you! No one knows Reason like Hollin and in this 15-tutorial course he explains the cool new Pitch Editing features, the Player Devices and the Audio to MIDI tool.

Imagine hitting a key and, with Player Modules engaged, performing a killer piece of music with just the touch of a finger. Or recording a rough vocal and then fine-tuning every pitch perfectly, transforming that vocal into a final track. Better yet, singing & recording those melody lines that are running through your head and then magically transforming them into killer Thor tracks. You can do all this with Reason 9!

So learn the hot, new features in Reason 9 in this FastTrack™ course. There’s no better or faster way to learn!

Watch all the videos in this Reason 9 course here.



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