Exclusive Video Reveals Upcoming Livid Instruments Minim - Wireless, Portable, MIDI Controller

We've got a scoop on the cool, upcoming music controller / instrument from Livid Instruments. Check out the video below and some early details of the spec with possible pricing.  

The upcoming MIDI controller, Minim, is about the size of a smartphone (a little bigger than iPhone), hence Livid are calling it the “world's first pocket-sized wireless instrument designed for mobile music creation.” We're naturally excited to see Livid breaking new ground in the MIDI controller market and making music more accessible to all.

In this exclusive leaked promo video, you can see Minim being used to control and perform with a variety of iOS music apps, like Animoog. Two Minim's are also connected wirelessly to Ableton Live on a Mac and control plug-ins within Ableton, in this case, iZotope's Stutter Edit.

Before we go further into what Minim is (and maybe isn't?) let's remember some of the innovative and down-right cool controllers that have come from Livid to date: CNTRL:R, Ohm64, Alias 8, Builder DIY, Guitar Wing and BASE. So, when Livid have a new controller in the works (which they've been hinting at for a while), there's good reason to be excited.

OK, back to what information we've managed to discover about Minim. From the photo below you can see it has an iPhone style design. Unlike the iPhone it has buttons and more. One thing holding everyone back when making music on a touchscreen device is that, well, lack of feedback from the touchscreen. 

Here's some early details we've been able to ascertain and beg, steal and borrow on the Minim:

  • 8 pads (which look similar to those found on BASE)
  • 15 RGB buttons in total
  • a touch strip (with LEDs)
  • 3D motion control (yes, check out the leaked video below!)
  • wirelessly connects to Mac and iOS

From the video above and the photo below, Minim looks like a device which truly is going to bring music making to a more mobile audience. Put four of these in the right hands with an iOS device or two and you've got a band. Certainly, at the very least, with the expressive Livid pads and tactile design, Minim will be a complete upgrade from controlling music plug-ins and instruments using a mouse, trackpad or touchscreen. With its phone-like form factor it's likely to be more convenient to carry than other portable MIDI controllers. Oh, and it also looks like a lot of fun!

Word on the street is Minim will be officially announced on Wednesday 29 July, 2015 and will be available via Kickstarter.

When pressing our friends at Livid Instruments for details and pricing info, we were told to expect some pretty sweet deals via Kickstarter well under $100, but that normal price will be around the $100-149 mark. 

As soon as Livid Instruments Minim is announced we'll let you know and we'll look to get hold of a unit to review. Stay tuned to AskAudio and Livid Instruments on Facebook.

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