Excellent Tutorial on Moog Model 15 921A & 921B Oscillator Section

Moog released the Model 15 app earlier this year to great acclaim. Rightly so. This modular synthesizer app is possibly the best and most accurate analog synth emulation app for iPad/iOS.  

If you were not fussed when Moog ported their highly acclaimed $10,000 classic Moog synthesizer into a $30 iOS app, you really should be. Moog Model 15 is a complex modular synthesizer app that does more than emulate the original analog system. There are new features too, and it has a very slick GUI for a blissful user experience.

Read our review of Moog Model 15 here / Read our interview with Geert Bevin on the making of the Model 15 app here.

In this video, Rishabh Rajan explores the 921A and 921B oscillator section, showing you how to make the most of it:

Watch all videos in the Moog Model 15 video course in The AskAudio Academy

Moog Model 15 Course Overview

It’s hard to imagine a distant time where Moog modulars were only acquired by universities, the very wealthy and/or the long-haired, famous musicians of the day. Now anybody with an iPad can explore the “analog” world of the Moog Model 15 complete with virtual patch chords and something that old guard modular guys would’ve most certainly cut their hair for: patch memory!!

In this course on the iOS/iPad Moog Model 15, synthesis expert Rishabh Rajan takes you through all of the Model 15’s modules, one-by-one explaining how they work separately and how they patch together to create that authentic Moog sound. Rishabh covers the oscillators, filters, VCA, noise, attenuators, mixer, MIDI implementation and more!

Watch all videos in the Moog Model 15 video course in The AskAudio Academy.


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