Everything You Need To Know About Sampling With Elektron Digitakt

Get hands-on with Elektron's Digitakt drum sampler and sequencer as Thavius Beck walks you through how to sample, edit and assign sounds into this cool hardware unit.  

Elektron's much-anticipated Digitakt sampling drum machine is finally here and expert producer Thavius Beck has produced a brand new video course showing you how it all works! In this short video from the full course Elektron 105: Digitakt Drums Explored, he walks you through the process of sampling external audio into Digitakt - perfect for making your own unique kits, brats and loops. 

You'll see how Digitakt combines old school sampling workflows with cutting edge technology to let you build your own kits. As well as sampling, Thavius shows you how to select parts of a waveform to use, assign samples, name them and even set envelopes for sounds. Check out the rest of the videos in the course to learn all there is to know about this powerful system!

Watch the full course Elektron 105: Digitakt Drums Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here.

Elektron 105: Digitakt Drums Explored

After much teasing, Elektron’s Digitakt is now a reality. It’s fun, affordable, portable… but like all Elektron’s gear there is a but of a learning curve involved. In this 2-hour + course, beat expert and electronic music performer Thavius Beck gives you the lowdown on this compact 8-voice drum machine/sampler/sequencer powerhouse.

First, you get an overview of the Digitakt’s structure: you learn all about projects, preset patterns, banks, tracks and the factory content. Next, Thavius covers Elektron’s live-friendly sequencer in great detail. Once you know everything about retrigs, p-locks, and trig conditions, you’ll understand why Elektron’s sequencer has attained legendary status! Of course, a whole section of the course is dedicated to sampling external gear and re-sampling the internal sounds. The Digitakt also allows to sequence external MIDI gear, and Thavius covers this topic thoroughly in the last tutorial.

So turn on your Digitakt, join Thavius Beck in this 2-hour+ class, and get ready to propel your beat-making skills to another level.

Watch the full course Elektron 105: Digitakt Drums Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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