Essential Ableton Live Looping Tips

Looping is at the heart of Live's workflow. Here's a short video that explains how to set up for MIDI input and warm up before performing some MIDI loops.  

One of Ableton Live's early selling points was how capable it was at working with loops. And while it's gained countless more features over its lifetime, looping is still very much at the heart of the workflow. In this short video from the course Live 9 410: Looping With Live, Ableton expert DJ Kiva explains how MIDI looping is one of the best ways to get started when you are exploring composition using the software.  

Starting with the very basics, Kiva shows you how to set up your system to receive MIDI input, then load an instrument and trigger it using MIDI. You'll then see how to perform a finger drummed pattern using an 808 kit. You're then ready to move on to the other videos in the course where you will learn more advanced looping techniques!

Watch the full course Live 9 410: Looping With Live in the Ask Audio Academy here.

Live 9 410: Looping With Live

Looping is an art form in itself. Using live looping devices, many artists (Robert Fripp, Ed Sheeran, Imogen Heap, Reggie Watts comes to mind) are able to create complex sonic landscapes in real time on stage. But no special hardware looping devices are required… In this 20-tutorial course, performer and trainer DJ Kiva shows how you too can build your own looping soundscapes using Ableton Live!

First, DJ Kiva gives an overview of the required equipment and explains how to set it up for live performance. Next, he explains all about MIDI looping. Watch as he builds a funky arrangement, complete with beats, piano, bass and melodies. Then, Kiva covers the art of audio looping, where you learn how to set up Ableton Live for optimum audio performance, how to enhance your tracks with effects, how to use the Looper device in Live, how to free up your hands using foot switches, and a lot more. After watching this course, you will be able to build an entire piece of music, layer by layer!

So join DJ Kiva in this practical performance-driven course, and start building your own loop-based musical creations! Get ready to loop ... loop ... loop ...

Watch the full course Live 9 410: Looping With Live in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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