EMR Is The World's First Eurorack 24/7 Music Stream On YouTube

Tune in here any time to listen to this brand new, 24 hour streaming music channel broadcasting only modular music - and submissions are open.  

Ask.Audio author Jade Wii has written plenty of articles and reviews on the subject of Eurorack synthesis, as well as specialising in hardware-only music production on her channel Dawless Jammin'. Now, she has unveiled her latest venture - the world's first, 24-hour live streaming music station broadcasting only modular music from artists around the world - and she's taking submissions. Here's what it's all about.

"EMR is a carefully curated playlist featuring some of the best underground Modular musicians out there and is constantly being updated to introduce new artists. "

Eurorack Modular Radio 24/7

Besides supporting the stream, you gain immediate access to my Patreon-only feed, ALL of my music, art, exclusive videos, unreleased tracks, and other rewards depending on the tier.

if you made it this far, Thank you! It’s also really easy to cancel if your financial situation ever changes, and regardless of how long you decide to pledge, I appreciate you being here.

"This idea came to me in a dream, welcome to Rings into Clouds Forever.
Life can feel too fast sometimes, we need a little reminder to slow down."

You can check out Jade's reviews and tutorials on Ask.Audio here: https://ask.audio/search/all/jade%20wii

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