Elk Could Be Ultra-Low Latency Music OS You've Been Waiting For

The Music Operating System, ELK, allows musicians to add unlimited sounds and features to musical instruments and share performances online. It also allows manufacturers and developers to do more.  

January 24 – Anaheim, California: MIND Music Labs is presenting its ultra-low latency Music Operating System at NAMM 2018. ELK - this is the name of the technology - is an operating system for musical instruments, designed for optimal audio performance and seamless connectivity.

Musical Instruments Powered by ELK allow musicians to:

  • Add new sounds and features to their instruments via online upgrades
  • Easily connect their instruments to mobiles, computers and to the broader Internet 
  • Instantly share their performances online

ELK allows manufacturers to move away from dedicated chips and use standard off-the-shelf CPUs, with significant improvements in terms of user experience, performance and scalability - combined with unprecedented time-to-market advantages and potential new post-sales revenues from software, content and services for their devices.

ELK allows manufacturers to move away from dedicated chips.

ELK allows manufacturers to move away from dedicated chips.

ELK also allows software developers to easily release software, sounds and effects originally developed for computer environments onPowered by ELK musical instruments.

Key Tech Features:

  • Ultra-low latency (1ms round-trip)
  • Linux-based, using single IntelARM CPUs
  • Support for JUCEand VsT 2.x and 3.x plugins
  • Natively connected (USB, WiFi, BT, 4G)

"ELK is the evolution musical instruments have been waiting for a long time, and is ready to disrupt the musical instruments world in the same way Android disrupted the mobile world ten years ago." is how Michele Benincaso, CEO of MIND Music Labs, announces ELK's release.

ELK can benefit developers and coders too.

ELK can benefit audio developers and coders too.

ELK’s capabilities will be demoed LIVE at NAMM in collaboration with industry leaders DVMark, MarkBass and Overloud (TH-U), the first brands that will support ELK in their new products.

About MIND Music Labs:

MIND Music Labs (http://www.mindmusiclabs.com) develops music technologies that change the way musicians create, record and share music. Founded in 2014, MIND has raised more than 1.000.000 Euros in investments from industry leaders in the music tech world. Among the people who believed in MIND Music Labs are Jacob Key - former VP at Warner Music - Ludvig Linge - co-founder of The Astonishing Tribe, bought by Blackberry in 2010 - and Jordan Rudess -Dream Theater keyboardist and music tech entrepreneur. MIND has been awarded as one of the most innovative music startups at MidemSónar Barcelona andSan Francisco MusicTech Summit

More details on the website

Web: https://www.mindmusiclabs.com/elk/  

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