Elektron Releases Transfer 1.1 for Digitakt and Analog Rytm MKII

The Elektron Transfer app just got a huge shot in the arm with some significant new features for Digitakt and Analog RYTM 2 including faster sample transfers, bi-directional transfers and a new UI.  

Good news for Digitakt and Analog RYTM 2 owners. The app that seemed to be a stopgap until Overbridge was completed has just been updated to improve sample transfer between these Elektron machines and your computer. There's some useful new features and bug fixes too.

Here's what's new with this free update for Elektron Transfer 1.1:

Transfer is an application for Mac OS and Windows, facilitating sample transfer to and from your Transfer-compatible Elektron device.

List of changes from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0


  • Added Explore page, where device file system can be browsed side-by-side with the computer file system in a two-column layout.
  • Bi-directional sample transfers now supported, meaning sample files can be transferred also from device to computer (for backup purposes).
  • Device files and folders can now be renamed and deleted from Transfer. Deletion of non-empty folders is also supported.
  • Transfer can now be connected to multiple devices simultaneously, for device-to-device transfers (using the Explore page).
  • Transfers are faster.
  • UI polished for improved clarity and usability.

Bug fixes:

  • When dropping folders and zip files onto Transfer, only .wav files would be added to transfer list. Other supported file types such as .aiff would be ignored.
  • Transfer jobs would sometimes stop prematurely.
  • CPU usage was very high in certain states. 

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