Elektron Releases Digitakt 1.0.4, Faster, Better Chromatic Mode

Elektron have just released 1.0.4 firmware update for Digitakt users with some useful changes and bug fixes. Of note are speed and performance issues, extended chromatic mode, and more bug fixes.

Almost a month to the day since Elektron released new firware 1.0.3 for their Digitakt drum sampler and sequencer, version 1.0.4 is out in the wild and available to download.

There are some improvements to performance when loading samples and, something I personally am happy about, is grid record mode can now be toggled also while in Chromatic mode. There are also some bug fixes too.

Looks like Elektron aren't takig their foot off the gas, even during the summer, when it comes to improving the Digitakt.

Here's the full release notes: 

Digitakt 1.0.4 Changes

  • The grid record mode can now be toggled also while in Chromatic mode.
  • The chromatic keyboard now has an extended octave range when a MIDI track is active.
  • General performance optimizations. Time-consuming operations such as loading / saving samples and projects are now faster. 

Bug fixes

  • The unit would sometimes crash when attempting to save the project via the Func + Save Proj keycombination.
  • In some rare situations, the unit could crash while loading/deleting/moving samples.
  • Pattern / Bank selection could not be accessed when in Chromatic mode.
  • Playing the higest possible chromatic note (+24 semitones) on an audio track via MIDI would cause a hanging note.
  • If the MIDI Output CH setting was set to Trk Ch, the trig keys would incorrectly send notes to MIDI channel 1, regardless of the configured track channels.
  • If a sample was loaded to more than one slot, only the first slot would have the correct sample length. 

How to upgrade:

Upgrading from within the OS

  • Select SYSTEM in the SETTINGS menu, and then select OS UPGRADE.
  • Send the SysEx firmware file to the Digitakt either using the MIDI In Port or the USB MIDI In Port.
  • When the update is done the unit will restart by itself.
  • After some OS upgrades the bootstrap is also upgraded. This operation must not be aborted, so never turn the power off until the Digitakt tells you to reboot 

Upgrading from the Early Startup Menu

  • Hold down the [FUNCTION] button while powering on. This takes you to the Digitakt boot
  • menu.
  • Enter the OS UPGRADE mode by pressing the [TRIG 4] key.
  • Send the SysEx firmware file to the Digitakt using the MIDI In Port.
  • During the transfer a bar in the display shows the progress.
  • When the update is done the unit will restart by itself, booting the new OS.
  • After some upgrades the bootstrap is also upgraded, this upgrade is performed right after the first
  • restart of the Digitakt, do not turn the power off during the upgrade.
  • To transfer the SysEx file, Elektron recommend using either Elektron Transfer application or The
  • Elektron C6 Tool.
  • Downgrading the Digitakt OS is not supported, and is performed at own risk. User content may be
  • lost.

Should you experience any problems or find any bugs, please report to Elektron support:


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