Elektron Promises FREE Overbridge For Analog Keys, Analog Heat, Digitakt, Analog Four & Analog RYTM

Good news just in from the folks at Elektron. The proposed Overbridge and Overbridge Premium have been merged into just Overbridge and will be free for all related Elektron music machines.  

So you've bought an Elektron Analog Keys, Analog Heat, Digitakt, Analog Four MK1 or MK2, or Analog RYTM MK1 or MK2 and you're eager to get the software, Overbridge, that is going to bring lots of useful and unique features for your synth, sample computer or effects box from syncing inside your DAW, editing using a standalone software solution... automation and other important production workflows.

Except, then you find out Elektron are working on a new version of Overbridge that isn't ready yet (Digitakt owners know of what I speak). Then you discover that a reduced functionality version of Overbridge will be free, but for "premium" features it's a paid for update.

Understandably, there were a few raised eyebrows amongst those who've invested in an Elektron machine and didn't expect the need to opent their wallets further. But there's good news today for everyone.

Elektron have announced that Overbridge and Overbridge Premium are being merged into Overbridge and will be free for all Overbridge-enabled Elektron machine owners. 

Did I hear a sign of relief... or maybe a hum of approval? Either way, it's great to know Elektron are responsive to their users and recognize that a paid for Overbridge version just makes things messy and inconvenient for the end user.

Here's what Elektron tell us about the upcoming, improved version of Overbridge and some of its benefits:

"During the past seven months, we have been hard at work with the next version of Overbridge, which will support Analog Keys, Analog Heat, Digitakt, Analog Four MKI/MKII and Analog Rytm MKI/MKII. It is the biggest update yet and will be available February 2018. Some of the highlights include:

  • Free of charge
  • New standalone editor, allowing for DAW-less operation.
  • Improved plugin compatibility for several DAWs.
  • Enhanced performance using our new multi-process architecture.
  • Lower latency. ‡
  • New reworked and unified graphics design with increased contrast and usability
  • Faster Total Recall and Automation. ‡
  • Configuration-less USB audio streaming of all available channels simultaneously at maximum quality. ‡

‡ Only for high-speed USB products (currently Analog Heat, Digitakt, Analog Four MKII and Analog Rytm MKII).

"As evident with the coming major update, we remain committed to supporting and maintaining Overbridge. We are very proud of the software suite and want it to be an essential part of music making. We look forward to seeing how you will use it with your Elektron instruments."

The new Overbridge will be available in February 2018. It will allow DIgitakt owners to:

  • Fully integrate Digitakt with DAW environments
  • Control Digitakt with a dedicated VST/AU plugin interface
  • Use Digitakt as a 2 in/2 out sound card (CoreAudio/ASIO/WDM)
  • Stream the eight internal tracks, external inputs, and main bus to separate DAW tracks (24 bit/48 kHz)
  • Recall all Digitakt settings when loading a DAW project
  • Sample management functionality
While we wait for the new Overbridge for Digitakt and other instruments to arrive, check out our Elektron courses in the Ask.Audio Academy: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=application/elektron


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