Elektron Model:Cycles Quick Tricks: Adding Variation To Performances

Model:Cycles from Elektron is an FM-based instrument with excellent sound scultping and sequencing strings to its bow(s). This short video shows how to quickly add variation and interest to tracks.  

It's video 23 out of 34 in the Elektron Model:Cycles course and Rishabh Rajan, having uncovered and explored the sequencer, kick machine, snare machine, metal machine, perc machine, tone machine, chord machine, delay and reverb sends, LFO, trig settings, retrigger and trig repeat, turns his attention towards chance.

Elektron machines have a history of adding randomization in interesting, musical ways to tracks. Model:Cycles is no different.

Chance is quite a straightforward control really. Use it to adjust the percentage of probability that a track will be triggered / played by the sequencer. It's an instant way to add interest and variation to a performance.

It's simple to use, and Rishabh shows how quickly you turn a full-on hi-hat track into an interesting minimal one enhanced by reverb and delay effects in a couple of seconds.

Watch the whole course on Elektron Model:Cycles at AskAudio Academy | macProVideo | AskVideo.

About the Elektron Model:Cycles Course

FM synthesis is perfect for creating various types of percussive and melodic sounds. Based on the Digitone FM engine, Model:Cycles offers six different "machines": Kick, Snare, Metal, Perc, Tone, and Chord. Combine all that with Elektron's powerful sequencer, and you have a fantastic and versatile groovebox, perfect for minimal and experimental electronic music. This in-depth course by artist and trainer Rishabh Rajan shows you all you need to know about this mighty instrument.

Rishabh begins the course with an overview of the hardware where you learn about its controls, sequencer and its basic functionalities. Next, Rishabh dives deeper into the unit, revealing everything about the different sound engines and how to use them to create various percussive and melodic sounds. There's a whole section covering the powerful step sequencer where you learn about chance, conditional triggers, live recording and overdubbing. You also discover how to record automation, how to use parameter locks, the pad menu and a lot more...

So sit back and enjoy this 34-tutorial course. Let synth expert Rishabh Rajan show you everything there is to know about Elektron's Model:Cycles!

Watch the whole course on Elektron Model:Cycles at AskAudio Academy | macProVideo | AskVideo.



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