Elektron Digitakt Vs Akai MPC Live: Which Is Better For You?

Which is better, brown bread or white bread? Apples or oranges? Elektron Digitakt or Akai MPC Live? Jade Wii explores the later in this useful video.  

In this enlightening new video JAde Wii (you'll recognize her as an author here at Ask.Audio as well as founder of Dawless Jammin' FB group and YouTube channel) explores the pros and cons of two of the most talked about music machines released in the past 6 months.

Of course, we're talking about the Elektron Digitakt, the 8-voice drum sampler computer with the sequencer and sound manipulation features only Elektron bring to the fray. Then there's the Akai MPC Live, touchscreen, self-contained, sampler, sequencer and arranger and more.

Here's the video from JAde Wii:

Perhaps, given the price difference it's not strictly a fair comparison, but it's one that many musicians and producers have been making of late due to both machines being available here and now. 

If you want a more in-depth comparison, we'd highly recommend watching our video courses (the recorded live lectures are even free) for the Akai MPC Live and the Elektron Digitakt. This way you'll find out what both machines are really capable of.

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My choice iPad pro running beatmaker 3 with iRig pads :)

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