Electrosluch 3 Picks Up Electromagnetic Fields, You Create New Sonic Landscapes

An electromagnetic listening tool? Why would Electrosluch 3 be of interest to producers and sound designers? Honestly, just click on the video already and you'll see why.  

We've never encountered Electrosluch 1 or 2, but version 3 is available to pre-order and it looks like a cross between a portable field recorder and a phaser out of Star Trek! LOM Instruments describe it as “a device for electromagnetic listening which allows one to discover sonic worlds of electromagnetic fields, surrounding our every step. Just plug your headphones & explore.”

So far, this sounds interesting, right, but the video nails it for me.

Electrosluch 3 is a device perfect for music makers and sound designers. Don’t plug your headphone directly into it, connect it into another recording device like an iPhone or portable recorder with line-in. Set your levels and go explore the sonic world around us.

You’ll thank me later, but basically you’re going to end up with a collection of unique samples, that you can process any which way or the other, and nobody else will have recorded something the same as you. Feeling unique and special? So you should!

Electrosluch 3 photo AskAudio

Electrosluch 3: phasers set to stun?

 OK. So, this is high on the cool scale, and potentially very cool on the sonics scale too. Electrosluch 3 will set you back €90, and these are selling fast if the “in stick” counter on their site has been accurate these past couple of days. If you order now they tell us you’ll likely receive yours in August or September.

Here’s more details and spec about the Electrosluch 3 direct from their site:

  • What is new on Electrosluch 3: Fully enclosed and more ergonomic design, simple single potentiometer operation, higher gain, audiophile-grade WIMA capacitors, highly increased protection of the sensors
  • Stereophonic, electromagnetic listening device
  • Power: 9V battery (user replaceable)
  • Headphone/Line Output: 3.5 mm (1/8″) stereo mini jack
  • Ext. input: 3.5 mm (1/8″) stereo mini jack
  • Maximum gain: 50 dB

Pre-Order Electrosluch 3 HERE

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