Coltello elettrico Orchestra: 16 Coltelli, un Arduino e Logic Pro Eseguire Stayin Alive

Do you consider yourself to be on the cutting edge of music making? Neil Mendoza has taken that concept quite literally with his Electronic Knife Orchestra. Importantly though, it sounds incredible.  
Consisting of six musical machines, 16 kitchen knives, 1 meat cleaver, 1 Arduino and 1 Mac running Logic Pro (which outputs the MIDI to the Arduino), Neil Mendoza’s Electronic Knife Orchestra showcases ingenious engineering and design as well as an imaginative way to make safe music from dangerous objects.

So who does this work? According to Creative Applications Network Neil’s Electric Knife Orchestra has “ are two machines that create sound by stepping stepper motors at the same frequency as musical notes.  The Jacob’s Ladder uses a relay to control a 12,000V neon sign transformer and the three other machines work using MOSFETs connected to solenoids and car door lock actuators. Apart from the Jacob’s Ladder, the whole installation is powered using a computer PSU.”

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That knife fan? Nope, nope, nope, nope ... nope ...

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