Elastic Drums 2.2 Update From MoMinstruments Brings Tweaks To Sample Recording

Micro recording tweaks in the Sample Player, MIDI recording improvements and more can all be found in this free update to Elastic Drums.  

Great news for fans of innovative drum synth, sequencer and workstation Elastic Drums - power user Jan St. Werner of German Electronic Band "Mouse on Mars" asked for some improvements to the app's microphone recording possibilities for the sampler engine. Specifically he said, a Sample Import IAP was needed.

With the new update 2.2 - free to existing users, audio recording should be more intuitive, giving much better visual feedback of the recording process whether with the built in microphone, an external microphone or line in signal. And you can also trigger the recording with external MIDI controllers now.

You can see a video demonstrating the updated features below. 

Changes In Version 2.2 

  • Improvement: Micro Recording for Sample Player got improved, showing input level, etc.
  • New (MIDI): Mic record button can now be triggered via MIDI and will show sample view
  • New (MIDI): Autom & velocity buttons can now be triggered via MIDI
  • New (MIDI): Program Change via IAA should work now also
  • Improvement: "Record audio" will not overwrite existing audio files anymore, but create new ones with a date ending
  • Improvement (Jam screen): MIDI notes will always trigger an instrument, even with "trig" > 0 and stopped sequencer 

Price: $9.99 initial app purchase

Web: http://mominstruments.com

iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elastic-drums/id817419955?mt=8

Learn more about synthesis and mobile beat-making: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=new-releases

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